Let's explore & change the world

I’m a 21 year old vegan travel addict, who is incredibly passionate about social and global change.


World Travel

I study full time at a university in Brisbane, Australia, but in between my studies I take every opportunity I can to travel. I am particularly interested in in the outdoors, trekking, budget travel, and both socially and environmentally sustainable tourism, and I love to share insights into my adventuress around the world in the hopes to inspire others to get out there and experience the world!

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Social Change

I am currently in my third year of a dual degree at university, studying sociology, philosophy, and global studies. In between studying and traveling the world I spend a lot of time reading books and learning more about social change, sustainable global development, ethics, and the world we live in. I truely believe that knowledge is power, which is why I started my YouTube channel and blog as a platform to sharing all of the things that I learn whilst travelling, at university or in my own time, for anyone else who is interested in making a positive difference in the world. 

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Vegan Recipes

As a passionate vegan and advocate for living the most practicable cruelty free lifestyle, this is a space for me to share my favourite personal recipes with the world. Food is way of bringing people together; telling stories; and healing our bodies. Hopefully through my simple and delicious vegan recipes you will see that choosing to eat cruelty-free food can be very rewarding: for your conscience, body, and taste buds! 

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