1. Rebekah Weaver
    April 29, 2017 @ 8:11 pm

    I disagree completely with everything in this article except that there are some corrupt people using children to get money out of empathetic people. So we should abandon the children completely?? This article is skewed towards shaming people into doing nothing as opposed to informing people of the pitfalls and encouraging them to help in a way that cannot be exploited. Of course those children need attention, small gifts, time spent, games taught etc. It brings joy to their world and teaches them that people care about them. The author of this article obviously has zero knowledge of the psychological damage being orphaned causes and zero experience volunteering in any capacity.


    • Tiyana J
      May 3, 2017 @ 10:48 am

      You are clearly deluded by the notion that “some help is better than no help.” This article isn’t simply an opinion editorial, the information is backed with other relevant articles and peer reviewed academic literature (see references and sources list at the end of the article.)

      The article discusses that long term skilled volunteering efforts have been proven effective in international development, however short term unskilled volunteer tourism simply isn’t efficient or effective. If you had properly read the article you would know that it doesn’t say we need to neglect those in the world’s most disadvantaged communities; but rather change our approach from being “western saviours” who visit these communities on glorified holidays, to actually being committed to making a different via means proven effective (like donating money to organisations backed by reputable NGOs,) rather than these self centred holidays. You are an example someone who has been deluded by the clever marketing of volunteer tourism companies that all pro-poor tourism must be good. Do some further research and learn just how damaging volunteer tourism actually is, and how it makes little to no difference in international development.


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