Tiyana J

Activist | Humanitarian | Social Entrepreneur | PhD Researcher
"On a mission to live consciously, explore & change the world!"

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Youtube Channel

I make vlogs on my Youtube Channel documenting my mission to live consciously, explore and change the world! Subscribe now to keep up with the things I do, food I eat, places I go, and people I meet, all around the world!

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Changemaker Q&A

Changemaker Q&A is the podcast where Tiyana answers questions from young Aussie’s about social change, to better equip and empower you to change the world. Have a question? Don't be afraid to ask!

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Tiyana Unfiltered

🔞 An unfiltered, uncensored, sex positive space for me to be 100% myself and connect with my community. Featuring:
🎙️ No Filter Friday: an unscripted podcast filled with personal stories and Q&As
📷 Exclusive pics you won't see anywhere else


Humanitarian Changemakers Network

Tiyana is the founder and CEO of the Humanitarian Changemakers Network, a solutions media social enterprise equipping and empowering more young Aussies to take action to change the world

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